“Arms on the ladder,Don’t move,Otherwise I will definitely stabb you in with this knife“Mao Jie said sharply。at this time,Xia Jian really didn’t dare to mess around。This space is too small,These two people’s daggers are on his neck,A little carelessness will make him die。

His skill is good,But this situation,He hasn’t used his abilities yet。Xia Jian’s honest hands hugged the escalator。Mao Hao let go of his left hand,But the dagger in the right hand came from the front of his neck,Turned to the back of the neck。 Then Mao Jie freed up a hand,She moved quickly and skillfully to […]

The Yun family still doesn’t know what the person in charge is thinking,Once it is determined that the person in charge is unwilling to take care of this stall,Then Murong’s end will come,At that moment Murong’s house will be completely wiped out。

For such an era,A family in a five-tier city,Even if the whole family is destroyed,It’s just a drop of water that blends into the sea, inconspicuous。 Besides, Murong’s family is not only hit by business,The family’s armed forces are too bad,Many of the new generation forces of the Murong family died inexplicably,Even if I knew […]

Newly established country,Their territory is included in Qi Dang and Zhouki.,Tiger North,One unified world refers to day!

Gao Boyi said that it is not destroyed“Qi State”,But his son can be destroyed.! This man’s mind is really……so amazing。 “so,These few years,You still have always let the lubaid?What should he do in the future??” Li Zuyu can’t help but worry。 “Whenever,I will protect him behind him.。But,I will never tell him.,I am him.。” Gao Bao […]

A few seconds passed,Li Ergou was awakened by the stench on his body,Look at the black layer on the skin,Suddenly understand,Why did Qin Feng take him to the bathroom?,For a time,Don’t know what to do

Cry or laugh。 Half an hour later,Li Ergou’s voice came from the bathroom,Qin Feng sent him the clothes,He walked out after a while,I cleaned the bathroom by the way,This careful,It makes Qin Feng feel quite satisfied。 “All right,I’ll talk to you about other things when I come back,Now your task is to protect Jiang Yan。” […]

“I won’t be polite to you anyway,When you need your help,I am definitely looking for you。But now it’s gone,I’m just an ordinary high school student,Don’t want to make life so complicated。”Lu Menglin smiled。

Jiang Jinghong thoughtful,Thinking,So you don’t want life to be too complicated??But think about it, it seems he has some truth,Although I was born in Jiang’s family,,But I’m not happy,At least not as happy as him。 Maybe I think too much,No need to turn him into a caged bird,Let him fly freely,Maybe it will bring more […]

Thought of here,I want to walk in when I raise my leg。

“Situ Yan, right??”An arrogant voice came。 Stop,Looked back,I saw Wang Zhenjie standing there a little arrogantly,The iconic sneer on the face,Some eyes are not polite at all, looking back and forth on themselves。 I hate this look the most on weekdays,Frowned calmly,Did not speak。 Maybe the two people’s looks are too high,That Wang Zhenjie hasn’t […]

It is said that Zhang Cheng’s representative Ding Keyu made a special trip withviviThe manager said hello,LetviviYe Xingkong,But keep your privacy secret,Don’t let outsiders know about the relationship between Ye Xingkong and the Ding family。

viviYe Xingkong was allowed to enter her department,It’s Chen Limu’s greeting,Even if Ding Keyu doesn’t send someone over to say hello,viviAnd treat Ye Xingkong favorably。 Leaders’ preferential treatment to employees,Nothing but spirit、substance、The difference between salary and general employees。viviIs a person with high emotional intelligence,Of course she understood。 With the greeting of Ding and Chen,Ye Xingkong,It’s […]

For example, after five days of competition,Everyone is almost approaching the center of the Star Dou Forest,The number of crystal nuclei in their hands is enough to enter the next round of competition。

Between a few low mountains,Just a few roads converge right in front of you,Finally leads to the center of the star forest。 As the distance gradually shows purple light,The unique coolness of the morning makes it quite quiet here,Today is the sixth day of the specified time,and,As the conference progresses,It’s almost the end。 This is […]

AVIC Securities: Rethinking U.S. Ultra-Long Treasury Bonds in a Global Loose Cycle

AVIC Securities: Rethinking U.S. Ultra-Long Treasury Bonds in a Global Loose Cycle Dong Zhongyun and Fang Zheng of AVIC Securities Recently, there has been much discussion in the United States over the issue of ultra-long-term bonds. On August 16, local time, the US Treasury Department’s Debt Management Office issued a statement saying that they had […]