China Volunteer Service Federation president and the second conference of the Second Standing Council held in Beijing

The Second Conference of the China Volunteer Services Federation and the Second Conference of the Second Standing Council were held in Beijing: Time: May 7, 202, May 7, 2021, China Volunteer Conference President Office and the Second The Second Conference of the Standing Council was held in Beijing. The meeting summarized 2020 work, and informs […]

De fulltime juridische hulp advocaat Yang Jinna houdt meer dan tien jaar aan de rechtssteunpositie aan de wet met behulp van de wet om de hoop op de massa’s te ontsteken.

Huidige locatie: >>> Fulltime Rechtsbijstand, Yang Jinna houdt zich aan de rechtsteunposities voor meer dan tien jaar met behulp van de wet voor moeilijke mensen ontstoken Hope Full-Time Wettelijk Hulp Advocaat Yang Jinna Houdt zich meer dan tien jaar aan de rechtstoeslag Voor moeilijke mensen Ignite Hope 2019-08-16: het rechtsbijstandsysteem biedt rechtsbeveiligingssysteem voor juridische bijstand, […]

Changchun City Green Park volunteer tree planting activities blows the rural people’s environmental remediation

Original title: Green Park volunteer tree planting activities have blew the rural people ‘s environmental remediation of the rural people, and the Green Park in Hexin Town in Guanyuan District ushered in "Green Girl" – Golden Holle, Madao Tree. Under the "Help" of the cadres in the Green Park, they will be rooted here, with […]

The Asia-Pacific Oil-Organization Leaders informal meeting held in video ways – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Xinhua News Agency Wellington November 12 (Reporter Guo Longlu Huaiqian) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC) 28th leader’s informal meeting 12th by video mode. The meeting passed the "2021 Asia-Pacific Oil Declaration" and the implementation of the 2040 vision plan. Affected by the new championship, this meeting was held in a video manner by this year’s […]

Pubei: Mining Red Resources to create a rural party history learning education base

Guangxi Pubei County is based on red resource endowment, relying on the characteristic red revolutionary resources, through the "three-point" measures to deeply dig the red resources around the people, let red resources become a living materials for rural party members to learn party history, and realize the rural party members Education has positions, there are […]