“Boundless sea!”

Left palm triple“fire”“mine”“wind”Zhen Qi beats on the giant palm like the waves,I couldn’t help but step back ten steps,Just stand still。 “What is this,Actually blocked my golden handprint!” Liao Yingda is surprised。 “What’s so great about Innate Realm,Now it’s my turn to fight back!” Happy Miles unfolded again,Grunt,Chen Xiu is already close to Liao Ying,The […]

At a look at the house in front of this eye, there is a little bitter, and it will only smile.:“Isn’t really nothing?”

At this moment,Zhou Yewei station in the emergency door,Also thoughts。 Laozi saved the death and helping the injury is really a big good people.,I hope that I will make me a good next life.。 This doctor is really tired.。 Bigger ( NS474chapter Humanitarian in Zhou Ye,He made his decision。He gently opened a small seam through […]

Qin Xue is a seniority,Even if you will be guilty, you will be said to bullish the words of women.,But Zheng Tiancheng is different.,Zheng Tiancheng is completely family genius,If you put the other party to squat down,Then his reputation must have a high boat.。

“Do I let you check?? Vegetables are really that Li Hui’s style?” “Hey-hey,Young master,100% are really,And Li Hui has a large amount of vegetables again.,Because the entire lotus village is engaged in vegetable greenhouses,Zheng Tiancheng’s purchase source, we are found。” For this result, Jiang invincible is very satisfied。 “Ha ha,Row,Put the news out,I have to […]

“Don’t refuse,We don’t go outside,In our villa。My dad invited the famous chef of the hotel,Cook for us。Don’t worry,My parents have avoided,The whole villa is up to us”Gu Yue took a look at Xia Jian,He said with a busy smile。

Xia Fei smiled at Xia Jian and said:“Go!Morning dinner,Singing and dancing in the afternoon,Until twelve o’clock in the evening。Relax,You have to think about Gu Yue” Xia Fei said everything for this purpose,Xia Jian had nothing to say for a while。He thought for a while and said:“Ok!Then relax together” Xia Jianyi agreed,Chen Jing jumped up first,Of […]

Maybe others don’t know,But Jiang Yan understands,The grandfather before retirement has an extraordinary share in China。Head of the National Security Bureau。

But it has retired twenty years ago,After all, Jiang Min at that age is actually too weak。 Qin Feng is a disciple taught by Jiang Min over 15 years,Will his character be bad? Jiang Yan, who had been meditating all night, felt,I should have blamed Qin Feng。 So she called the company,Let people understand,I also […]

“In my usual time,When working,Sometimes it’s really too busy,The time to accompany you is really very small,so,I suddenly feel like I owe you a lot。”Xiao Fan said。

“No,I didn’t think so,Moreover,Don’t you have serious things to do?It’s not that you really didn’t stay with me on purpose,I understand,Also understand。”Lin Yoona said very thoughtfully。 “but.but,I always feel that this is too bad for you,look,If I usually,If you have enough company,You won’t be so happy just because of what I just said!”Xiao Fan said。 […]

They are all tied to the stool,The mouth is also sealed with tape。

And they are about ten meters away,Sitting a man,Qin Feng glanced over,After seeing the man’s face,Various pictures flashed through his mind constantly,Suddenly all memories returned to Qin Feng’s head。 Because the memory comes back too suddenly and quickly,Qin Feng was caught off guard,I covered my head suddenly,Took a few steps back。 And Long Qianyuan sitting […]