Chinese jonge mensen winnen EDA, waardig van applaus!

Onlangs hebben vijf jonge gezichten gevuld met vreugde getrokken ieders aandacht. Op 8 november, wonder Huazhong University of Science and Technology Micro-Clothing zich af, op 4 november Eda (Electronic Design Automation) Field International Conference on ICCAD2021, Professor Lu Zhipeng, een professor van de school van de computer, ontving de eerste Cadcontest-lay-out bedradingsalgoritm-competitie Naam en won […]

Ann Blue Buddha in Taiyuan research work safety inspection, security of energy supply and heating in winter

  Original title: Ann Blue Buddha emphasized the pressing compaction responsibility to implement measures to go all out to ensure safety off the fine development of people’s livelihood and security October 15, Provincial Committee at the time of the research Taiyuan safety inspection, security of energy supply and heating in winter work Governor Ann blue Buddha […]

Chengdu epidemic traceability: the local epidemic associated with the case

  Xinhua News Agency, December 31 (Reporter Dong Xiao) On December 31, the Chengdu Health and Health Committee notified, after the expert group comprehensively analyzed the results of on-site epidemiology surveys, large data investigation, nucleic acid detection and gene sequencing, determination The epidemic is a local epidemic associated with an entered case.   According to the provincial […]

Solidly do a good job in the "Double City Economic Circle Construction Plan for Chengdu", the learning propaganda and implementation of the competition, the end of the year to ensure the "14th Five-Year Plan" to achieve a good start.

Original title: Solidly do a good job in the "Double City Economic Circle Construction Plan for Chengdu", the promotion and implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" to ensure the "14th Five-Year Plan", on October 27, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary Peng Qinghua At the Chengda Wan high-speed rail control project of Dong’an Town, Quxian County […]

28,224 disabled children in Henan Province accept rehabilitation rescue services to complete the annual target task in advance

From November, 10 of the 10 people’s livelihoods in the province have received the attention of the people’s concern, and I learned from the Provincial Development Reform Commission on the 8th that as of the end of September, the whole province’s 10 key people’s livelihood practical achievements were smooth, including the implementation of disabled children’s […]

Taiyuan City Apricot Ling District Market Supervision Administration Juhuan Regulatory Station investigates the cosmetics online transaction

  Original title: The huge round supervision station investigates the behavior of cosmetics online transactions to crack down on the use of network sales illegal cosmetics. On October 15th, the Huge Wheel Regulatory Station of the Taiyuan City, the Market Supervision Bureau of the Taiyuan City launched a cosmetics. "Source "risk investigation.In the inspection, law enforcement […]

The 3rd World Jasmine Conference will be held in Nanning and Hengzhou on September 10

The news conference site.According to the people’s network, Wu Mingjiang is understood that this event will be held in a combination of "online + off", through the line with the foreign friendly Huadu government or industry association, and invite foreign companies to stand for a long time. In my country, experts, scholars participate in various […]