“You can’t run away!”Cui Gang gritted his teeth,But suddenly the eyes were so big,He saw a vague figure just about to move not far behind Lao Lai,It turned out to be Hao Kecheng,This guy doesn’t know when he touched that position。

Cui Gang’s move is obviously off-standard,Lao Lai, who had been staring at him tightly, immediately realized something,He gave Cui Gang a weird smile,Slightly sideways,The right hand of the gun casually flicked back and pulled the trigger,Hao Kecheng, who just flew out, looked at the fire from the opponent’s muzzle in disbelief,Fell to the ground with […]

“Amitabha,Shaolin Xinyi abbot……Indeed that the old man is shocked!”Watching frowning。

Originally, these old Zen masters,When people in the rivers and lakes,Fundamental inserting no mouth,I don’t want to talk——After all, Kaifeng Daxie Guozi Temple,Today is also in the Qing court,Not talk well。 But the Chu Deirers took the initiative to hand over,The view is to talk about it.…… Not always said,No Zen Heart Buddha,Is it not […]

Necromancer,Bring a terrible tragedy,Some weak people were directly burned to death in the seventh sign of the female star dragon sacrifice,Powerful,They stand in the infinitely tumbling flames,But he didn’t have the courage to challenge the dragon that crossed the robbery and ascended in the sky.。

Knowing that the evil star dragon became the dragon king,No one can leave here alive,But still with a bit of luck,Want to escape this fiery purgatory as quickly as possible! Slightly courageous,Those who have not reached the upper monarch level,Even the meteorite burst can’t rush up。 The evil star dragon has reached the height of […]


Although Comrade Ding is in economy class,,But as a diplomat of the country,He has a privilege that is not considered a privilege:If you are taking a domestic flight,Even if you are in economy class,In the case of empty seats in the first class,Can upgrade for free——Comrade Ding spent the economy class money,Only spent less than […]

The guard is even more disgusted with this guy,This guy,Are you still thinking about how to make money at this time??The Water of Shaohua is the property of the Old City Lord, right,What does it have to do with you guy,It’s not easy for you, right?!

“Ugh!Tell you this,You guy looks like a guy with a bad brain!” Qi Dongliang is also helpless,Why is this guy so confused?,How can Qi Er suffer?,According to his cultivation base,That means it will be healed in a few days.,I have to want this Shaohua water,Don’t you just embarrass yourself? “This Shaohua Water,Actually it’s not so […]

After getting off,Qin Feng lit another cigarette,Looking at the upscale community in front of you,Squeeze out cigarette butts,Walked in。

Since the Qin family fell back then,All of Qin’s property was divided,Not even a car left。 And the house in front of you,Qin Feng’s master specially assigned it to him,Let him inAA place to stay in the city。 Qin Feng took out the key,Open the door,Walked in。 This is a house with four bedrooms and […]

I didn’t mean it wrong,he,Really have ideas about myself!

Yangliu’s consciousness has never been sober,She knows where the problem is,Although she deliberately dressed herself up,But the banquet that day,All the disguise collapsed,She was completely exposed to Huo Yunhe。 She hasn’t forgotten that when he saw his true face,The surprise and appreciation in the eyes。 Whether it is a man or a woman,All visual animals,Everyone […]

Lu Menglin remembered the records in the strange books he had read before,Wherever life and death,There will always be a silver lining,So that it can be endless,Cycle。

Even in those ancient tomb institutions,There will be a life gate,This is the truth。 Wherever you look,The position above the head is inconspicuous,If it’s not for the patient and careful observation like Lu Menglin,Hard to find。 And the most important thing is that the red moon spiders can’t fly,Even if it’s a winged moon spider,I’ve […]

Qilian Mountain (600720): Q4 surpasses the expected infrastructure flexibility

Qilian Mountain (600720): Q4 surpasses the expected infrastructure flexibility This report reads: As the leader of Qinghai Cement in Gansu, the company was profitable for the first time in three years in 18Q4. Investment Highlights: The first coverage is given an “overweight” rating.The company achieved revenue of 57 in 2018.75 ppm, a reduction of 3 […]

Tiantan Biological (600161) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Performance in line with expectations Expected Long-term Steady Growth

Tiantan Biological (600161) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Performance in line with expectations Expected Long-term Steady Growth The performance is in line with expectations, and the expected growth rate is expected to be close to 20%. Tiantan Biological’s revenue in the first three quarters was 25. 1.9 billion (+22. 5%), net profit attributable to mother […]