520 The content of the greeting card told by my girlfriend 520 Fancy official announcement documents

520 The content of the greeting card that 520 told a girlfriend 520 greeting card content for girlfriend 1. The sweetest thing is to think about you every day; the happiest thing is to accompany you every day; the happiest thing is to love you forever. 520, I love you, love you all my life without separation! 2. At inadvertently, you walked into my sight elegantly. 520 fancy official announcement copy 1. I just want to continue to feel the bitterness and bitterness brought by this love. 2. Count the shortcomings of 10,000 in your heart, but you still can’t get to see you. 3. You will meet such a person in the end. Essence

4. In the future, a child who can’t open the bottle cap will be opened. 5. My mate selection criteria look like you, character like you, preferably you. 6. You are the joy of my universe limited edition. 7. I fall in love with your sunny smile, dear, you must not leave me.

8. Your smile brighten my heart, your beauty is brilliant, my world, your innocent and warm future, and your kindness moves my life.

My dear, just want to pull your hand and walk with you, never leave.

9. All sentient beings are bitter, only you are strawberry flavor. 10. This time it was not disappointed. 11. Writing Qianshan Luo is you, looking at the beauty of the stars is you, the book is the yellowing pages of the book, the mountains and rivers are where you are, and the iron horse is you glasses and you.

12. You have done my deserter, but it has become her heroes 13. You are my young joy, and the sweetness of my life.

14. You have entered my life, and I am preparing for you for a lifetime.

15. Think of you again and again, thinking about you again and again, meeting with you is the fate of the past, knowing you in this life, and I don’t know where to say. I only hope that you have me in your heart in this life, I have you in my heart! 16. If you think of me inadvertently in the future, please don’t forget that I love you so deeply.

17. The real freedom is that when there is nothing, it is found that there is no way.

Being able to go to the water poverty, sitting at the time of clouds is free. This is not the reason for the road, it is the heart.