Bank of China: Party Construction into Internet Age

Original title: Bank of China: Party Construction into the Internet Age ["Two studies" learning education] In order to adapt to the Internet, Internet of Things, big data is a rapid development of information technology, and Bank of China fully exerts its own party construction, technology, The advantages of resources, based on the inheritance party, create the "Renaissance" party building sharing platform, "Toolbox" of the party building, strong party building and evaluation party construction.

The platform has been officially launched in July this year, marking the full crossing of the Bank of China to enter the Internet.

  It is understood that the "Fuxing No." party construction network platform has a struggle to China, the fortress, the party group, the tribute to China, the Honor Bank of China, the model branch, learning the Bank of China, the cultural bankry, knowledge Bank, the public welfare, China Wank 10 modules, respectively have different functions .

When China Bank Party Organization and Party Members participate in party construction work in these modules, they will generate points in real time and focus on the core tools of "Struggle". "Revival No." platform makes the party build "accountbook" more clear. Through the "Fort Bank", the development of the BSCT, the distribution of party members, the progress of party construction work is more clear; through the "Party Group Bank", party members’ basic information, party members pay the party fees, and party fees are also more understandable.

The platform migrates the reality party branch to the cloud, set up the network party branch, and realizes the interdependence of party organizations and party members, so that party organizations and party members have become a live community. The "Revival No." party building platform is designed and flexible, forms a variety of forms, and enhances the enthusiasm of party members’ learning. For example, "learning the Bank" party members will become "I want to learn" into "I want to learn", learning the way is more flexible, and learning the learning through the design of the game, etc., the learning can be made anytime, anywhere.

"Cultural President" is divided into 4 libraries in the art galler, audio museum, literature museum and history.

Party members can upload a variety of types of works and all-row employee sharing, covering extensive, making party members in music, art, literary creations, etc. Establish full display and sharing, creating a good corporate culture atmosphere. The "Revival No." platform allows honor to enter the party members.

The platform receives data from the public welfare, honor, knowledge, culture, party group, learning and other modules, forming an objective evaluation of party members, using big data to party members, thus judge whether a party member does not play an exemplary lead role. The platform also enters the party members’ work environment by designing the party membership, let the honorary winners become the object of the envy of learning, become the pride of their parents, the example of the child, the family’s pride.

  (Reporter Water) (Editor: Huang Wei, Qinhua).