Chengdu City to build a red research route to promote red tourism development

  In recent years, Chengdu City has actively responded to the construction of the national cultural park in Long March, and vigorously developed red tourism. Referring to the road of the Long March, seeking the Red Army’s footprint, there is a natural scenery such as Tiantai Mountain, Tianfuchuan Xizhuhai, and there is also a Humanistic place for Hemor Town, Red Army Long March Memorial Hall.

Relying on the local red site and the famous historic resources, the city has created the "Bath Blood Capital Road · Saihang New Journey" Centennial Party History Theme Education.

  Recently, an employee team from enterprises from Chengdu City was a hundred years of red education.

In the conference room of the "Tianfu Yizhou Star" micro-party school in Pingle Ancient Town, Heavenly School, the team members listened to the "Red Army’s Long March Spirit and the Spirit of the Red Army", which has the meaning of the Red Army. New understanding.

"Tianfu Yizhou Star" micro-party school is the "Central School" of the grassroots party members of Chengdu Travest Group, lectured by senior lecturers of the party school, conduct party history and theoretical teaching. "Tianfu Yizhou Star" micro-party school.

  In the event, the team members visited the Memorial Memor of the Red Army Changjian Museum of Tiantai Mountain Town. With detailed explanation, the players watched more than 300 photos in the Red Army Memorial, more than 200 cultural relics and a lot of texts, charts.

  "This study learned that the Red Army has had a magnificent story." A player who participated in red education said. Create high-quality research lines, to help red tourism development in order to enrich the form of tourism, 邛崃 Efficient integration of local Pingle Ancient Town, Tianfu Sichuan, Red Army, Memorial Hall, Sui Kiln Archaeological Ruins Park, and the Renren Town of Chengdu Trajectory Group, Xi Lai Ancient Town, Wufengxi Ancient Town, Xiling Snow Mountain, Chengdu Campaign Memorial Hall has formed linkage, and creates high-quality research lines.

  For example, the research product system created by the Pingle Ancient Town Scenic Area, not only provides ancient town tour, bamboo ranking, red catering, red attraction visit, but also provides party class training, hiking hiking, grabbing, retry long stroke, etc. Team expansion projects, let visitors have their own way to learn in the team expansion activities.

  Excellent scenic spots to create a good benefit to Pingle Ancient Town, as of October 27, the Trustee of Tracking Group has received 221 students in the study team this year, driving Sichuan Xihuhai, Zhangzhou Garden, etc. There are nearly 10,000 yuan in the scenic spot. In the creation of red tourism, 邛崃 give full play to local resources, integrate viewing, experience, education, and help high quality development in the new era of red tourism industry. (Jiang Yan) [Editor in charge: Xu Meida].