28,224 disabled children in Henan Province accept rehabilitation rescue services to complete the annual target task in advance

From November, 10 of the 10 people’s livelihoods in the province have received the attention of the people’s concern, and I learned from the Provincial Development Reform Commission on the 8th that as of the end of September, the whole province’s 10 key people’s livelihood practical achievements were smooth, including the implementation of disabled children’s rehabilitation Faster progress, 28,224 disabled children have accepted rehabilitation services and have completed annual target tasks in advance.

Regarding women’s two cancer screening, prenatal screening and newborn disease screening, as of September 22, accumulating women’s cervical cancer screening thousands, breast cancer screening thousands, completed the annual target task, %, Prenatal ultrasound screening, serological screening is completed, 10,000 cases, the coverage of the target population is%,%, newborn disease screening, and screening rate%.

About the promotion of urban old communities renovation.

10,000 users have been upgraded and the% of the annual target task is completed. About improving rural travel conditions. Accumulate 8149 natural villages, 91% of the annual target tasks.

Maintenance and Transformation on Strengthening the Well Facilities of Urban Public Areas.

Among them, 8 provinces and other eight provinces and other eight provinces such as Luoyang, Pingdingshan, and Shangqiu have completed the annual target task in advance.

About enhancing mobile government service capabilities.

Yuxian Office accumulated 3788 online service matters, covering high-frequency people’s livelihood, with a total of 56.41 million, the province of the province. About expanding the village (residential) legal advisory service.

The province’s professional lawyers served as the ratio of the village (residential) legal counsel reached 87%. About promoting the upgrade of rural grid files. The 2456 RV upgrades have been completed, accounting for% of the annual target tasks; new, transforming 10 kV and below 4167 kilometers, accounting for the annual target task.

About expanding the coverage of 5G networks. 21,477 new 5G base stations in the province, 5G base station reached 66,881, and the city’s county city and 2053 townships (streets) have been achieved. About accelerating the short board for rural education. Teguants recruitment has completed the annual target task in advance, and 7,000 sets of rural teachers in the province have all started construction, including 3364 sets. (Reporter Youui).