Taiyuan City Apricot Ling District Market Supervision Administration Juhuan Regulatory Station investigates the cosmetics online transaction

  Original title: The huge round supervision station investigates the behavior of cosmetics online transactions to crack down on the use of network sales illegal cosmetics. On October 15th, the Huge Wheel Regulatory Station of the Taiyuan City, the Market Supervision Bureau of the Taiyuan City launched a cosmetics. "Source "risk investigation.In the inspection, law enforcement personnel focused on whether there is a sales illegal addition of cosmetics, counterfeit cosmetics, unlicensed cosmetics, unpaid cosmetics, unpassible non-special use cosmetics, unpassible non-special use cosmetics, unpassive non-special use cosmetics, unpaid-freeThe State Food and Drug Administration or the Provincial Food and Drug Administration announced or notified the unqualified cosmetics, suspended sales of cosmetics.Next, the station will further touch the base of cosmetic e-commerce platform operators and network sellers, effectively standardize the sales behavior of cosmetics network in the jurisdiction, and investigate and deal with illegal act according to law.

(Reporter Zhang Yong correspondent Xing Jinxi).