The 3rd World Jasmine Conference will be held in Nanning and Hengzhou on September 10

The news conference site.According to the people’s network, Wu Mingjiang is understood that this event will be held in a combination of "online + off", through the line with the foreign friendly Huadu government or industry association, and invite foreign companies to stand for a long time. In my country, experts, scholars participate in various activities of the General Assembly, create a platform for investment promotion, flower tea industry docking, and tea culture exchange, providing power to jasmine industry.This year, the 3rd World Jasmine Conference is again included in the China-ASEAN Expo series of activities, and the scale of the meeting will continue to expand, the specifications are higher, further promote the prosperity of the jasmine industry, cultural inheritance, urban development, jasmine industry depth integration into the "all road" construction, promoteHengzhou Jasmine This "Gui" brand has moved to the world, and it has become a global influence of international jasmine event.