Maybe others don’t know,But Jiang Yan understands,The grandfather before retirement has an extraordinary share in China。Head of the National Security Bureau。

But it has retired twenty years ago,After all, Jiang Min at that age is actually too weak。
Qin Feng is a disciple taught by Jiang Min over 15 years,Will his character be bad?
Jiang Yan, who had been meditating all night, felt,I should have blamed Qin Feng。
So she called the company,Let people understand,I also called Peng Haoxiang。But the latter’s phone is turned off。
One day later,Jiang Yan was planning to apologize to Qin Feng。Who knew the latter was not in the room at all。
“When did he go out?”
When Jiang Yan was puzzled,Qin Feng is already sitting in the Tetong headquarters in Beixiong City。Today’s headquarters can finally be seen after a period of construction。
And Qin Feng is here,Of course it’s because Fatty Jiang Hao said before,Southern Mansion mainly sees itself。
Not long after arriving at the headquarters, Qin Feng met Minister Jiang Chao and the Southern Palace Lord。
The Southern Palace Lord is a woman,Qin Feng didn’t expect this。of course,Not that women
Must be inferior to men,But people who belong to the palace owner will encounter some dangers all year round,And the people under him are all special forces,If there is no certain means, these people can’t be suppressed at all。
That’s why he felt surprised。
Jiang Chao said after a few people sat down,“Introduce to you!Southern Mansion Main Section Xiaolou。”
“Hello, Lord!”Qin Feng nodded。