They are all tied to the stool,The mouth is also sealed with tape。

And they are about ten meters away,Sitting a man,Qin Feng glanced over,After seeing the man’s face,Various pictures flashed through his mind constantly,Suddenly all memories returned to Qin Feng’s head。
Because the memory comes back too suddenly and quickly,Qin Feng was caught off guard,I covered my head suddenly,Took a few steps back。
And Long Qianyuan sitting over there,After seeing Qin Feng’s actions,I couldn’t help but laughed grimly,Said to Qin Feng,
“Qin Feng, Qin Feng,What’s wrong with you??Do you remember who I am??”
“You should thank me,Look at your sister,Including your woman,Can’t recall your memory,Only I can make you think of the memories,I seem to be very important to you。”
Long Qianyuan’s disgusting voice,It’s like a poisonous snake walking by Qin Feng’s ear。After Qin Feng slowly accepts all his memories calmed down,He shook his head,He raised his head and walked towards Long Qianyuan again。
Long Qianyuan watched Qin Feng walk towards him,He also stood up and looked at Qin Feng,Said with a sneer,“Does Qin Feng find this picture very familiar??You said these two women,I don’t know which one is your favorite?”
“Or you like both?”Speaking of that, Long Qianyuan walked between Jiang Yan and Jiang Yu,Manually。
Jiang Yu struggling to shake his head after being touched by Long Qianyuan’s hand,Then stared at Long Qianyuan with his eyes,What are you talking about?,No need to guess, know that she is cursing Long Qianyuan。
And Jiang Yan turned her head before Long Qianyuan’s hand came across,Long Qianyuan didn’t insist on pinching Jiang Yan’s face。
After Jiang Yan shook his head,He just sneered,Said,“Yoha,This girl is quite cold,Is it the one you like?”Long Qianyuan turned around and looked at Qin Feng,Laughs disgusting。
“What do you want to do?”Qin Feng asked,“Do you think this can threaten me,Do you think I, Qin Feng, will fall under your hand,Surrender to you,Please let them go?Do you think of yourself too much?”
Qin Feng said coldly,Looking at Long Qianyuan with sharp eyes,The aura radiating from the body is very strong,Those close to him can’t help feeling a little scared。
“Don’t talk so big,Qin Feng,Now this whole mountain is mine,There is no one hundred and eighty。”
“And I kindly told you in advance,I have something in my hands,What are you fighting with me alone this time??”
“Qin Feng, Qin Feng,You overestimate yourself,No matter how good your martial arts are,Is it possible that you can even run the arrow?Even if you can run a flying arrow,Can you still run hundreds of flying arrows?”