if we assume,He is here on earth,Who else can make him owe him,Then this is the one in front of you。

Because she is Jiang Jinghong,Is the one who grew up with Lu Menglin,The big beauty who has been entangled for a lifetime。
The acquaintance of the two,It started in a small game hall in Liufang,Accompany all the way,Also friends and teachers,In the early years,Jiang Jinghong’s family background,Helped Lu Menglin a lot,The early development and growth of Menglin Group,Jiang’s great contribution。
And the relationship between Lu Menglin and Jiang Jinghong,It also hurt the Jiang family.。
If they knew that Lu Menglin would have the strength and status today,It is estimated that Miss Jiang has been pushed over。
It’s a pity that things are impermanent,Good luck,The pair grew up together,Supportive men and women,Although there are times of ambiguity,But never come together。
Yi Jiang Jinghong’s character,There is no way to share love with two other women,not to mention,As Lu Menglin’s status gets higher and higher,Has reached the pinnacle of the human world,She won’t have any ideas anymore,She has her own pride,Never bow your head,Is regarded as the kind of woman who tends to be inflamed。
This blink of an eye,The old young girl has also become a big girl,But Jiang Jinghong never found a boyfriend,No matter what kind of man the family introduces him,All just smiled,Dismissive。
Used to be difficult,Except Wushan is not a cloud!Now that I have seen the highest mountain in the world,How can you be attracted by the scenery on the hillside?
Although Jiang Jinghong will not fall in love with Lu Menglin,But I can’t tolerate other men in my heart!Because they are not worthy!
She can hardly imagine,When I found an ordinary man,In front of that guy,An expression of seeing a god,Simply unbearable,It’s worse than killing her!
unless,Unless there is a stronger man in this world,She will consider gender issues。
Of course,If someone like that really shows up,Don’t look down on her Jiang Jinghong,That’s another matter。