The contraindications to medication during pregnancy must be known

The contraindications to medication during pregnancy must be known

[Introduction]Abuse of drugs during pregnancy, exposure to chemicals or improper use of drugs will lead to abnormal organ structure and obesity.

Especially from the 3rd week to the 14th week after conception is the developmental period, this period is most susceptible to disability and distortion, pregnant women should pay special attention.

  Among the 330,000 malformed newborns surveyed, more than 10,000 cases were found to be caused by improper medication. Complication experts must supplement the medications used during pregnancy for each expectant mother, and lead to malformed drugs: Chinese medicine:The use of traditional Chinese medicine during pregnancy is contraindicated. From the perspective of the performance of the drug, it is mainly to avoid blood circulation and vitality, smooth attack, aromatic penetration, and hot and toxic products.

  Activating blood and breaking gas: peach kernel, safflower, Sanling, Zedoary, Zelan, hemu, Liu Jinu, motherwort, cow lacquer, leech, tapeworm, frankincense, myrrh, etc.

Because “blood” can speed up blood circulation, “force blood to follow the qi”, and qi disorder can’t fix the fetus.

  Slippery slippery types: talc, mallow, kansui, euphorbia, loquat flower, loquat root, croton, morning glory, mutong, etc.

Most of these drugs have the effect of urination and diarrhea.

There are disadvantages of Yin and Qi exhaustion.

Injury to the fetus results in loss of fertility, Qi loss in the fetus loses solidity, and oxides easily fall.

  (3) Daxin and fever categories: aconite, cinnamon, Chuanwu, Caowu, etc. These drugs are hot and dry, and the heat can be used to force blood to act in a deliberate manner.The degree of toxicity has the disadvantages of abortion.

  Aromatic penetration: such as musk, grass fruit, clove, deodorant, etc., pungent and fragrant, and has the function of dredging the ventilator.

Qi line is blood line, which forced the fetus to go out.

  Toxic products: such as mercury, cinnabar and the like, which can directly hurt the fetus and rot the fetus. When used instead.

  Western medicine: hormonal drugs.

Especially sex hormones easily cause deformities of vaginal organs.

Ethylestradiol can virilize baby girls and feminize baby boys; progesterone and thyroid ketone hormones are transformed into virilizing baby girls.

Adrenocortical hormones can also cause deformities.

  ⑵ Various antiemetics.

There is also a risk of teratogenicity due to reactive vomiting during early pregnancy, such as taking antiemetics.

Such drugs include pyrazine, chlorpromazine, triflurazine, meclizine, etc., which can cause the development of heart disease and congenital heart disease.

(3) Antipyretic and analgesics.

These drugs can cause hypertensive renal hypoplasia, hydrocephalus, deformed feet and congenital heart disease, lower IQ and attention than their peers, and affect their nervous system and kidneys.

Such drugs include aspirin, analgin, phenacetin, and compound preparations containing such ingredients.

  ⑷ antibiotics.

Such as tetracycline can cause cancer deformities, yellow teeth, can also cause congenital cataracts, long bone hypoplasia.

Streptomycin and kanamycin can cause congenital hearing loss and kidney damage.

Chloramphenicol can cause hypertensive skeletal function inhibition, causing neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage.

  ⑸Antitumor drugs.

Such as methamidophos, busulfan, 6-glycol purine, and cyclophosphamide can cause skull ossification, cleft palate, hydrocephalus, and finger toe deformity.

It has also been reported that children should take fluorophosphoric acid with caution, as this drug can affect children’s bone growth.

Then pregnant women should also be careful with step medicine.

Usually from the 3rd week to the 14th week after conception is the developmental period. This period is most likely to cause disability and deformity. Pregnant women should pay special attention to it.