China Wenmpia: Fully improve the quality of grassroots party organizations around "six regulations"

The China Wenmpia will fully promote the standardization standardization construction of the party branch as an important part of the party building, focus on "six regulations", and vigorously improve the quality and level of the party building.

In terms of organizational settings, the annual statistics of the grassroots party organizations have formed "China Wenlian Party Organization, Party Member, Party Cadre Basic Manual".

In terms of the construction specifications of the Board, the timely replenishment of the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Party Branch, the Secretary of the Party Branch, and the members of the Party Branch and the Party Branch Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Commission Licensing.

In terms of organizational living standards, through the printed theoretical knowledge learning card, organize "Wednesday to study", open the "literary observation" column, invite experts for special counseling, etc., to strengthen political learning and education, and conscientiously carry out the theme party day, organize life meeting , Democratic appraisal party members and other work. In terms of functional effects, focus on playing the role of the party branch battle fortress, promoting the party construction and business depth, carrying out the selection of "Creating Excellent Flow Red Flag" Party Branch, and create party members. In terms of the construction of the party members, strengthen the education of the party’s active molecules and party members’ development, establish a specialized roster, and attach importance to cultivating the development of party members from the backbone and high knowledge group. In the system guarantee specification, the "Regulations on the Standardization Standardization Construction of the Party Branch of China" and China "" The Implementation Measures on Strengthening the Party Construction Work of China ‘s Telegrain Business Society ", summarizes the" Work System Compilation ", the system implementation is included in the internal inspection. Summarize the work method of refining the party branch of "party construction project". (Source: "Flag" 2021, No. 7) (Editor: Xu Yawei): Yeajun issued: Zhang Tao Ying).