Agricultural Development Shanxi Branch and Changzhi City Government sign a strategic cooperation agreement

On November 11, China Agricultural Development Bank Shanxi Branch and Changzhi Municipal Government Signing Ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, the agricultural development banking branch and Changzhi Binhu District Construction Operation Development Co., Ltd., Shanxi Shangzhu Construction Management Co., Ltd. signed a financing cooperation agreement. In recent years, farming Shanxi Branch focuses on service national food security, consolidation expansion and expansion of poverty achievements with rural revitalization, agricultural modernization, agricultural rural construction, regional coordination development and ecological civilization construction six major areas, focusing on "Food Bank" Water Conservancy Bank "Agricultural Division" "Green Bank" four special brands, which are committed to contributing agricultural policy bank strength to the development of agricultural rural economy in Shanxi. As an important engine of the economic development of Shanxi Province, the long-term development is strong, the development environment is excellent, and the cooperation between the two parties is broad. Shanxi Branch Party Committee Secretary, President Hundi Strengthen strategic docking, innovate financial products, expand the field of cooperation, and provide higher quality financial services to invest in policies and financial resources for Changzhi economic and social development.

Chen Erdong, and the Mayor of Changzhi Municipal Party Committee, Wang Er, hoped that the two sides had this sign as an opportunity to further expand communication, deepen cooperation, and promote the construction of agricultural rural economic construction, urban and rural integration, and rural revitalization provide strong financial support. Changzhi City will further create the development of the financial industry to develop soil, and vigorously create a good credit environment, to expand financing conditions for physical enterprises, and fully support financial institutional reform and innovation.

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