The purchase of two Wang is the cold winter "heating" Shannan Yaqi Materials Exchange will be successfully held

The picture shows the wilderness of the property. The figure shows the consumer’s detail of the pattern of copper discs. Winter warm sun is full of Yaqi, the hot market is moving with the purchase and sales. From December 1st to 7th, the 41st Yaji Materials Exchange in Shannan City was wonderful in the Dunqi’s Dedication Market in the East District. This is the annual consumption feast of the people of the Shannan people. It is a grand meeting of the majority of agricultural herdists, product dealers, professional cooperatives, broadening the market, and promoting sales.

The current trade fair divided into 6 exhibition areas of counties (districts), specialty products exhibition areas, catering area, and amusement area, etc. Home appliances to home costumes, from daily necessities to fruit dried fruit, all kinds of goods are dazzling, all.

The figure shows that consumers are buying yak meat.

The figure shows the merchants who sell national musical instruments are playing "Tie" for consumers. Shannan local special quality products are particularly favored: pouch, lodge fans, Qiong’s buckwheat noodles, combined walnuts, wooden bowls, Gongga’s state, red potatoes, beautiful dairy, beef mutton Wait, it has occupied an important booth, attracting consumers to come, and passionate. "Don’t miss it, come on, come on, wrong, pure handmade wood, bamboo, and cheap.

"" ‘", Is this pepper noodle? The color is turning red, smells special incense, give me two cans. "" This handmade lamb child, I have been a long time, this price is very affordable, I immediately bought it.

"’Ajia’, you have the two hoods and boots in your hands are our bestsellers, you have to say, every one I will give you 10 yuan. "We Qiu Duojiang Grassland is high and high, and the meat fat, meat products are particularly popular. We brought 3 yaks and 16 sheep with slaughter, and there are very good business. "The picture shows an old man who sells farmers utensils is pleased to reach a transaction with consumers.

The picture shows the new era civilization practice activities into the field of the Fair, bringing a wonderful literary performance to the purchase of the masses.

At the popularity, the merchant’s call, the consumer’s call, the children’s laughter, a vivid purchase of the purchase, and the play, it is true, let people feel the earth. Winter vitality. After more than 40 years of development, Ya Hao Material Exchange will have become the city’s collection of commodity trading, material circulation, cultural exchange, product display as one, the largest, most participated in the number, the most influential integration of the most influential commodity circulation The economic and trade event has achieved remarkable results in promoting economic development and enhancing the quality of life in the masses. In this year, the current book is the theme of "guarantee flow, promotion fees, steady growth, opening new bureau". To this end, Shannan City arranges 5 million yuan to distribute goods to stimulate market consumption, and promotes high quality development. In the forefront of the whole district, consolidate the effectiveness of the rural revitalization.

The picture shows the investigator of the county merchants to check the goods for the county merchants, and the merchant signature confirmation. The figure shows that consumers are buying boots. At the same time as promoting material transactions, Shannan City also moved to the scene with super high popularity, the public, and the masses actively learn the spirit and autonomous regions of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party at the same time. The spirit of the 10th Party Congress, enjoy volunteer services such as clinic, policy consultation. In order to let the online subjects can also achieve the purchase of two Wang, this current payment is also innovative, the "online shopping live broadcast", inviting local "net red" goods anchor to put the live broadcast "move" into the scene , Put the quality products such as yak meat, honey, and dairy, thereby further open sales channels, so that Shannan Good objects go out of Tibet, sell the country, to promote the south, and introduce Shannan.

The fiery citizens are a microcosm of the high-quality development of the economy and society in Shannan City. In the future, the Shannan people will also buy more and better products, and the quality commodities in Shannan will also sell more far.

Editor in charge: Degun Bozong.