There is a "vegetable garden" in the desert.

"Don’t look at it is a desert, and you are not a matter of your impression.

You see us here, it is clear that it is a ‘vegetable garden’. "In late May, the reporter saw the peasant intelligence silver, the pepper planting base, the pepper planting base in the Ulanabe and desert in Kukou County, Bayan, Bayan, and the pepper planting base, and she said.

Sure enough, a green vegetable, a row, thrive, planting base full of vitality. "Planting vegetables can also govern the desert." Zhou Yongtong, the project department project in San Hushen Ecological Grand Industry Co., Ltd., located in the comprehensive management demonstration area.

In recent years, Bayannoir City has continuously explored the treatment of Ulan and Desert in Wu Lianghai. The process of driving ecological governance in the project construction will become a market-cultivation of the past, and achieve ecological and livelihoods. Green is synchronized with richness, giving sand and getting a win-win goal. "In 2020, 1327 acres of beauty, the yield of 800 catties, the price of dried peppers is 4 5-pounds in the market price.

This year, we will expand the planting area to 30,000 mu, follow-up will also have organic shebei squats, organic sweet potatoes, and will expand the planting area. Zhou Yongtong said.

The economic value of the Tianti pepper is considerable, and it can also provide employment posts for local farmers and herdsmen. "Working in the pepper base, can earn six or seven hundred yuan a day, for our people, there is such a good job in the place, it is really a blessing.

"Zhi Yinshan said.

According to Zhou Yongtong, the first phase of the cooperation (Bayannre) Desert Comprehensive Management Demonstration Zone is 100,000 mu, investing 1.5 billion yuan. Among them, the core area plan covers an area of ??10,000 mu, investing hundreds of millions of dollars, positioned high-quality development of modern agriculture, the overall layout of "one lake five districts and two centers"; the demonstration zone plans to occupy an area of ??90,000 mu, invest billion yuan, positioning as a species The combination of cycles, the desert ecological governance is a model, and the forest grass is used as the main, and it is taking into account high quality pasture. After the project is completed, the comprehensive benefits are more highlighted, through large-scale planting, standardized management, mechanization operations, ordering organizations, branding, will lead to a new number of professional farmers, a group of family farmers, a group of desert governance, Focus on building a lake-of-lake grass life community demonstration pattern.

"Planting the Pepper has played a degree of positive role in Ulanclub and Desert Governance, so we have achieved a win-win situation that gains rich and governing.

Zhou Yongtong said. In recent years, Bayannre City has firmly moved the high-quality development of Bayannier, and in-depth implementation of the close-up ecological civilization thoughts, putting ecological environment governance and protection as the roots and lifelines of green development, and put green development as promoting ecology The policy of environmental governance, system planning, overall promotion, adhere to the combination of ecological governance, industrial revitalization and people’s livelihood improvement, realizing ecological industrialization, industrial ecology, truly letting green mountains in Jinshan Yinshan.

The city also launched the construction project of cooperation (Bayanni) Desert Comprehensive Management Demonstration Zone, European Investment Bank Loan Yellow River Basin Bayannyr City Sandaling Sand Integrated Demonstration Zone Project, Bayannsu City Sands The first phase of the demonstration zone, the construction project of the Yellow River Ecological Corridor of Bayan, Bayan River City, the pilot project of the Wushu Haiwu Landwatering Forest Lake Ecological Protection Renewal Project. "There is a ‘vegetable garden in the desert, indicating that our ecological environment is improved, I hope our living environment is getting better and better, the people of the people are getting better." The local villagers said like this.

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