Shijiazhuang Bridge West District launched talent services to Tianjin Bank Shijiazhuang Branch

On June 17, the Qixi District Committee Organization Department and the Jiangmen Street Party Crafts Committee jointly entered the Tianjin Bank Shijiazhuang Branch, organized the Talent Policy Presentation Conference to serve the corporate policy.The presentation will conduct detailed interpretation of the "talent leading the development strategy".In the interactive exchange, the restricted relationship between the talent work of the regional committee organizational department, the problem of housing, travel, entrepreneurship, project support, etc., etc.It is reported that the entry organization held a talent preaching meeting, an initiative to optimize the talent ecology in Qiaoxi District, which is conducive to enterprises to grasp the positioning of talents, forming talent construction and high quality development of talent construction and enterprises..In the future, Bridge West District will continue to carry out more talent services to enterprises, providing talent policy support for more pillar industries in the jurisdiction.

(Editor: Fanggan, I wish the dragon super).