“Sword spirit dragon,Sword spirit dragon,Don’t chase that creepy dragon,First solve this ancient fly dragon,They are in a group!”Zhu Minglang hurriedly shouted。

Muscaridae obviously found Zhu Minglang,It’s not big,But as a fly,It now has an elephant-like physique,It means that it has practiced in this ruin for nearly ten thousand years!
This guy is pretty scary,Shenmu Qingshenglong and Lei Cang Tyrannosaurus could not be their opponents。
Ancient Myrmus Dragon Venom Sac Wriggling,Suddenly spit out hot venom at this towering old tree,These venoms,In an instant, the thick and sturdy trees over a hundred meters high were melted through,Not to mention those blades,Disappear in an instant!
Zhu Minglang took Li Xing to draw two dragons and quickly fled to the floating cliff。
The sky cane is worthy of the sky cane,They are tough and antiseptic,The powerful venom sprayed by the ancient fly dragon cannot fester them。
High cliffs covered with vines,A flash of red light,The sword spirit dragon swooped down from the cliff,The blade points directly to the ancient fly dragon,The fierce Jianhong ripples layer after layer with ripples of retreat power,Forcing the ancient fly dragon not to come closer。
“fix it,Let’s get the fruit of Judemo。”Zhu Minglang said to Jian Linglong。
The sword spirit dragon stopped in front of the ancient fly dragon,It emits a chill all over,The ancient fly dragon stared at this special sword spirit,The green agate-like eyes on the head are staring at the sword spirit dragon。
Sword spirit dragon out sword,As fast as lightning,Straight through the sky。
But this is in the sight of the ancient fly dragon,The sword spirit dragon moves very slowly,Its dense eyeballs,It can perfectly analyze any biological actions,So that everything is complicated、rapid、Sudden actions will be very slow and slow in the brain of the ancient fly dragon。
Sword Spirit Dragon Attack,Easily avoided by the ancient fly dragon。