Although Comrade Ding is in economy class,,But as a diplomat of the country,He has a privilege that is not considered a privilege:If you are taking a domestic flight,Even if you are in economy class,In the case of empty seats in the first class,Can upgrade for free——Comrade Ding spent the economy class money,Only spent less than two hours in economy class,Got into the first class。
As an escort,Comrade Ding is whispering to brother Carpenter:“Mr. Richard,Miss Karen,We will land in about half an hour,You can prepare now。”
The faces of the siblings are a little confused:What to prepare?
Comrade Ding turned to look at Chen Geng:Brother,Can you explain it to me??
Comrade Ding is somewhat embarrassed,Can i just say,We value you very much,Even our diplomatic system has sent a deputy minister to welcome you?That’s too shameless。
I still have to help,Chen Geng endured a smile and said the Carpenter brother and sister:“Huaxia attaches great importance to your arrival,To show your welcome,Huaxia sent a high-level welcome team。”
“High standard welcome team?”Karen·Carpenter couldn’t help but ask:“How tall?”
Chen Geng sighed in his heart,This woman,Sure enough, it’s as simple as the legend,You ask this question directly,Really good?
That is, Comrade Ding’s face is thick enough,You can pretend to be okay。
“very high,”Took a look at the cheeky Comrade Ding,Chen Geng explained to her:“China sent a deputy minister to the airport to greet us。”
Deputy Minister?
A deputy minister was dispatched to welcome him at the airport?
Karen·Carpenter covered his mouth in shock:“……”