After getting off,Qin Feng lit another cigarette,Looking at the upscale community in front of you,Squeeze out cigarette butts,Walked in。

Since the Qin family fell back then,All of Qin’s property was divided,Not even a car left。
And the house in front of you,Qin Feng’s master specially assigned it to him,Let him inAA place to stay in the city。
Qin Feng took out the key,Open the door,Walked in。
This is a house with four bedrooms and one living room,The layout of the room is very good,All kinds of furniture facilities are available。
The only thing that makes Qin Feng a little unacceptable is,The sofa is pink,Various cartoon patterns are posted on the walls,All the decorations are full of strong girlish style。
“Isn’t the master trying to match me with his granddaughter??”Qin Feng knew the master wasAThere is a granddaughter in her early twenties。
Jiang Yan,Very beautiful,The key figure is okay。
Fighting outside for so many years,Although Qin Feng has only seen pictures of Jiang Yan,But I am very longing for her real person。
“who are you?”suddenly,A girl in a pink dragon pajamas came out of the room。
She is only 1.6 meters tall,Even round,A pair of big eyes looks very cute。
She rubbed her sleepy eyes,Look towards Qin Feng,Asked again:“who are you?”
“I am the owner of this place。”Qin Feng replied。
Wang Mengmeng suddenly came to the spirit,He said he is the master here,And sister Yan is the landlord here,That he……Is sister Yan’s boyfriend?
“Hello there,My name is Wang Mengmeng!”Wang Mengmeng leaned forward,Motion to Qin Feng to sit down,Then pour water for Qin Feng’s tea。