Summer neonatal care: baby sleep mat

Summer neonatal care: baby sleep mat

As a new mother, after experiencing the hardships of conceiving in October, she was faced with the challenge of caring for her baby.

High summer temperatures, strong sunlight, dryness or hot and humid conditions are challenges for newborns and mothers.

How should the new mother face these challenges?

  The reporter came to Zigong Maternal and Child Health Hospital and interviewed relevant experts on newborn care and replacement.

  Nursing articles: take body temperature every day. “Generally from the birth to 28 days, we call the infant’s newborn period.

“Yao Yi, deputy director of the outpatient department and nurse chief of the outpatient department of Zigong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that newborn babies have a period of adaptation to the environment and have extremely poor resistance. Parents need to receive daily care.

  According to Yao Yan, newborns should first pay attention to keeping warm, measuring body temperature every day, and then strengthening basic care.

“The central temperature regulation of newborns is imperfect, and the subcutaneous aunt is thin and unable to provide itself with sufficient energy.

Yao Yao said, so you have to dry your baby and wrap it with a thin blanket.

  If you breathe too fast, you need to see your doctor while observing the breathing of your newborn baby.

Newborn babies mainly rely on the raising and lowering of the diaphragm, so abdominal breathing is the main method.

Due to the narrowing of the respiratory lumen and poor ciliary movement, a slight inattention may cause double airways and difficulty breathing.

Therefore, pay attention to your baby’s breathing at all times. If there is more than 60 breaths per minute, ask your doctor to check in time.

  ”When a baby is born, the immune system is not fully developed, so family members must strictly disinfect their hands before touching the baby.

Yao Yao suggested that if adults have infectious diseases, they should avoid contact with their babies to avoid infection.

At the same time, pay attention to indoor ventilation to prevent air pollution. Try to decline relatives and friends to visit and try not to bring your baby to public places.

  The baby can be treated with water within 4 hours of birth. After the baby is born, pay attention to cleaning and take a bath every day.

After each bowel movement, wipe the small butt with warm water and replace with a new diaper to avoid diaper rash or red ass.

At the same time, Yao Min also reminded all new mothers to cut off their nails when doing skin care for their babies to avoid scratching their skin and causing infections.

  Note: Breastfeeding does not need to intentionally limit the number of full-term babies to replace breast milk half an hour after birth. This can promote the secretion of breast milk, eliminate the baby’s physiological jaundice and physical weight loss, hypoglycemia, and at the same timeMother’s own recovery is also of great benefit.

Predict your baby’s needs in advance, without intentionally limiting the number of times and time.

  According to Yao Yi, it is best for mothers to substitute pure breast milk for newborn babies. While strengthening the emotional communication between mothers and infants, they can also provide sufficient nutrition for babies.

If you are a new mother who does not have breast milk, do not worry, you can brew formula and feed it every three hours.

  ”Newborn babies should follow the principle of ‘breastfeeding on demand’.

Yao Min said that the amount of breastfeeding is based on the principle of gradually increasing from little to more. As long as the baby does not cry after eating and wants to drink milk, it will not bulge when it touches the bellyIf you have vomiting, you are almost fed.

  Premature babies need to take in the nutrients in breast milk because of their inherent insufficiency.

However, in the grasp of the expected amount, we must pay attention to the smaller the gestational age, the lighter the weight, once the less the amount of injection, the interval time should also be improved.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the situation of abdominal distension and vomiting.