There is a good move in the anti-hole in autumn.

There is a good trick for anti-holes in autumn.

Pore problems not only occur during the strong period of sebum secretion, but also in the autumn when the skin is relatively dry, the pores are enlarged.
If the covering effect after makeup cannot be sustained, the pores will be more obvious after removing makeup, so it is necessary to choose some skin care products for pores, then there are a few tricks for everyone to let you make oneA beauty who can stand the look!
  秋季补水15款面霜 ·秋季肌肤深层保湿15计 ·耐克NIKE护肤新品抢先看 ·人人称赞的国货护肤品 ·网友票选12款最佳美白单品 ·帮你对抗职场高压护肤品  反“孔”第一招:乳液  乳液的质地比较轻薄,易吸收,不易堵塞毛孔,注意涂抹乳液时既不是用手掌,也不是用指尖,而是要用指腹的力量,指腹的力量适中而且具有弹性,Skin feels most comfortable.
  推荐产品:巴黎欧莱雅创世新肌源毛孔细嫩乳  参考价格:50m/190元  产品介绍:欧莱雅护肤研究中心为全球女性带来突破性细胞科技,第一次将Active Micro-Smoother活性平滑因子与Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-XylaneTM Bose are perfectly combined.
The skin is regained fullness and plumpness, effectively reducing pores and smoothing the skin, and it can also help the skin epidermis to maintain the frequency of renewal, so that the surface cells of the skin are tightly arranged, pores are reduced, and the skin is smoothed.
Every morning and evening, after the cleansing procedure, apply an appropriate amount of pore tender milk and apply it on the face and neck to effectively nourish the skin.
  Reasons for recommendation: The press-type bottle is eco-friendly, the emulsion has a thorough texture and is easy to absorb, the price is reasonable, and the suitable age span is wide. Especially the three special ingredients make people feel at ease and can fully meet the pore shrinkage.Demand.
  Anti-holes second trick: Essence: On the dressing table of a smart woman, there must be a bottle of high-concentration and high-performance serum or essence.
Especially after 25 years of age, various skin problems began to appear, and simple skin care products began to look inadequate. Therefore, it is a good choice to choose a essence that is more powerful and more effective.
  推荐产品:怡丽丝尔优悦活颜弹力美肌毛孔细致精华液  参考价格:15g/350元  产品介绍:既效改善:毛孔即时隐形;利用光感效果令毛孔隐形,即时改善明显毛孔——含有Pore invisible powder.
根本改善:预防皮脂引起的毛孔特有的肌肤连锁损伤;舒缓过渡活跃的表皮层细胞——含有甘氨酰甘氨酸;抑制皮脂中不饱和脂肪酸的增加——含有芍药精华;改善角化异常现象 ——Contains Aqua-in-Pool; prevents skin chain damage caused by low dermal function; strengthens elastic dense body structure-contains collagen & elastin extract.
  Recommended reason: After being launched in Japan in 2008, it was out of stock due to much concern and is a star product to solve pore problems!
Suitable for pores of different ages from 20 to 40 years of age, an adult pore care beauty lotion that fundamentally improves pore problems and instantly makes pores invisible.
It can not only suppress the sebum excess, but also mix with the elastic intensive ingredients that improve the elasticity decline caused by aging, and keep the skin surface smooth and non-sticky all day.
  反“孔”第三招:面膜  面膜越来越受女性们的喜爱,厚厚的精华敷在脸部,阻隔肌肤与空气接触,当这一层精华紧紧地贴在肌肤上时,会因It inhibits the secretion of sebum and the evaporation of sweat to increase the skin temperature; when the skin temperature rises, it will promote blood circulation and allow nutrients to spread deeper and wider among cells.
  推荐产品:露得清毛孔细致修护面膜   参考价格:5片/136元   产品介绍:创新的毛孔细致修护面膜,将不同部位的毛孔问题,同步解决T字部位毛孔粗大主因是油脂分泌过度;U字Due to the lack of water in the part, this design takes care of the different pore needs in the T-shaped and U-shaped areas.
Adjust the luster of the T-shaped part: The T-shaped mask contains cedar and golden perforated plum to reduce excessive oiling on the forehead and nose.
Increasing the fullness of the U-shaped part: The highly effective moisturizing element of the U-shaped mask provides immediate and continuous moisture to the cheeks.
  Recommended reason: A mask that is carefully divided according to different areas, helps to metabolize old waste cells, dissolve clogged pores, shrink pores, and make skin more delicate.
There are many essences, and after each use, I feel very moisturized, and I feel that my skin is full of water.
  Anti-hole “Fourth trick”: Retouching cream Retouching cream can be used before and after makeup.
It is more targeted than concealer. It can conceal pores, make the skin smoother, easier to apply makeup, and control oil. Pay attention to the direction of sweat pores (up to down, inside to outside) when rubbing directly.In order to smooth the pores.
It is best not to use the “rubbing” action if it is applied at the end, as this will rub the face.
Use a sponge to press it up a little.
  Recommended product: Watermark Printing Pore Refining Cream Reference price: 6g / 90 yuan Product introduction: Natural covering effect, smooth covering unevenness on the surface of Kiev.
Non-whitening, extremely natural and clear effect.
Transparent and concealer with pore-modifying powder and silky protective film.
Long-lasting moisturizing, moisturizes and penetrates into the cuticle of dry skin, restructures texture, and adjusts excess sebum secretion.
In addition, it can prevent makeup removal and keep the pores delicate and smooth.
Natural fit, the paste fits perfectly on dry skin.
Simple application in 10 seconds can easily achieve the natural beauty of pores in the busy morning.
Fragrance-free, non-staining and hypoallergenic.
  Recommended reason: A pore fine-texturing cream with skin care moisturizing effect and covering effect. Simple application in 10 seconds can smooth large pores. It is not expensive, natural makeup, and has a certain brightening effect.